White Ribbon Against Pornography

CWL members will be handing out white ribbons after each mass this weekend in an effort to increase awareness of the harm that pornography does to our society. Pornography has the potential to affect one’s sexual and emotional development, to harm marriages, to skew young people’s images of what a normal and healthy relationship is and much more. On a larger scale, it contributes to human trafficking and the exploitation of women, children and men. It is a large and complex problem, but one that has the potential to creep into every home. It comes in via the television programs our families watch, through the computer, even through the internet enabled phones our children carry around with them. Morality in Media, is an organization that provides education and resources to fight against pornography and indecency. They have a host of resources to help you battle a personal addiction against pornography, to guide you through a talk with your child about inappropriate material, and even a list of computer software to help filter out indecent material. Visit them at http://pornharms.com/#resources.

The CWL would like you to support the battle against pornography, so this weekend, please take a white ribbon after mass. Use it as an opportunity to learn more about the problems related to pornography and to start a conversation with someone about the harmful impact of pornography and indecency.

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