Walking Toward Healing

In September 2013, A Truth and Reconciliation event was held in Vancouver. The occasion served as a chance for those affected by Indian Residential Schools to share their experiences with the public and with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Catholic and other churches of Vancouver took part in this event and gifted prayer shawls to survivors of residential schools. The shawls were given as a sign of respect and compassion with a desire for healing and reconciliation. The practice will be continued for the next Truth and Reconciliation event, and we called on ladies of our CWL to knit prayer shawls. To those in the midst of knitting, we appreciate your ongoing work. The picture below is of some of the shawls that have been knitted so far, that were blessed by one of our priests after the Jan 25th Archdiocesan meeting at St. Francis de Sales.

To learn more about the Truth and Reconciliation movement, take a look at the following article, written by Daphne Bramham, a Vancouver Sun columnist: http://reconciliationcanada.ca/daphne-bramham-hardship-and-hope-catalyze-the-desire-for-reconciliation/


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