Speak Out For Life

Recent news has been covering the Supreme Court’s recent ruling regarding assisted suicide and the subsequent conversation on the issue. The Archdiocese is appealing to government to allow more time before legislation is created in order to properly explore the issues that relate to euthanasia. A number of events are being held throughout the diocese about this important development and more information can be found here.

The Catholic Women’s League has also been active in appealing to government to allow for enough time to explore the legal, moral and medical implications of laws around euthanasia. National President Barb Dowding’s eloquent letter to Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada explains why this is so important and can be found by clicking on the link below.


Consider writing to your own Member of Parliament and our Minister of Justice to share your views on the issue. In addition, be a part of the Give Us Time campaign to add your voice to the thousands who have already spoken out. This is an issue that has potential to touch every family and it is important to learn more and to give voice to your concerns.

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